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What’s going on Alfred? “Um, how best to describe it sir?” – Batman v Superman and the exquisite madness of Zach

Beware, ahead lies spoilers and madness in a sort of defence of gazillian dollar mega-biffage epic Batman v Superman. I’ve probably lost my mind… Continue reading

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Lewd, crude and obscene Deadpool drags the X-Men Universe into the gutter… and that’s just fine

I’ve been feeling comic-book movie fatigue quite badly recently so the prospect of Deadpool didn’t fill my heart with joy. An initial trailer seemed to suggest a film revelling in the kind of sour frat-boy humour that has infected much US film comedy recently. However a very positive review from Mark Kermode persuaded me to give the film a chance. I’m very glad it did. Review after the jump, apologies it gets a bit nerdy when I try and prove I read some comics in the eighties… Continue reading