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Event preview – Bristol’s Cinema Rediscovered weekender (27 – 30 July 2017)

I’ve recently relocated to Bristol and have found a city with vibrant film culture into which I’m currently dipping my toes. Here follows a preview of the upcoming Cinema Rediscovered festival running at the end of July. If you live in, or around Bristol there are some great screenings and events. Here is my pick… Continue reading

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Film review – Lambert & Stamp

London was interesting environment at the beginning of the sixties. The deprivations and horrors of the second world war were still a vivid memories but the post war generation were coming of age and expressing their individuality through the arts, pop music, fashion and youth movements.

Against this background two men from different backgrounds, both frustrated in their ambitions to become film directors hatched an unlikely plan to energise their stalling film industry careers. They would find a young band, become their managers, and make a film about them thus gaining a backstage pass to their career of choice, filmmaking.

These men were Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp. Lambert was the son of a composer, Oxford graduate, sometime explorer, gay, and distinctly upper class. The sharp suited Stamp was the son of a tugboat coal stoker, a straight working class boy from the East End. The band they ‘discovered’ were called The High Numbers, you may know them by the name they switched to, The Who. Continue reading