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Interview: Kim Newman on vampires and horror

Digging through my back catalog of previously published stuff done for now defunct outlets, I thought this 2011 interview with author, film critic and genre mastermind Kim Newman might be of interest to some of you. This was done via e-mail for the now undead FrightFest e-zine back in 2011. At the time of writing Newman was promoting a new expanded edition of his definitive study of the modern horror film Nightmare Movies, and the republication of Anno Dracula — the first in his series of vampire novels set in an alternate Great Britian where Dracula was not defeated by Van Helsing, but rose to become Prince Regent to Queen Victoria Continue reading

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If you go down to the woods today… an interview with Drew Goddard

Back in 2012 when I interviewed writer/director Drew Goddard for the Frightfest e-zine, his was not a name that was overly familiar even among genre fans. Despite being director and co-writer of The Cabin in the Woods, his debut feature, the focus of attention was on the film’s co-writer and producer, one Joss Whedon. Even today, some years later, Goddard is yet to ascend to the ranks of brandname writer/directors despite racking up further screenwriting credits on the likes of World War Z and Ridley Scott’s upcoming science fiction film The Martian. This may be about to change as Goddard has taken a creative role in Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil series, and is rumored to be in line to take over the re-rebooting of Spider-man. Continue reading

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Charlie of the Dead – Charlie Higson talks The Enemy

Charlie Higson talks about zombies, horror and scaring children in an interview I did in 2011 for the discontinued FrightFest e-zine. I can’t seem to find this on the net any longer, and its quite interesting – especially in light of the minor controversy caused by US film critic Matt Zoller Seitz showing Aliens to a slumber party of 11 year olds (for the record – in my opinion a rather stupid thing to have done). Continue reading

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The Revolting Cocks take Glasgow

I have no idea if this is of interest to anyone in 2014, but in 1991 this was pretty much my first piece of published writing. An interview with the industrial disco inferno that was The Revolting Cocks conducted by a terrified 21 year old me following the most insane and excessive gig I’ve ever been witness to. I have not changed a word, although I did play down some of the excesses I witnessed. Excesses to make Caligula blush… Continue reading

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Interview – A vulgar display of power


I participated in a round-table interview with the legendary American film director William Friedkin back in the summer of 2012 when he was visiting our shores to promote his film Killer Joe, a dark crime drama that set off alarm bells at the American ratings boards and received an NC-17 certificate (it was released in the UK uncut with a more than justified BBFC 18 certificate). After his previous film Bug, Killer Joe continued an exciting return to form by one of the key directors of the 1970s. Continue reading