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Hidden Treasures – Dragon (2011)

Two bandits are killed during an attempted robbery by Liu Jin-xi, a simple village paper maker (martial arts superstar Donnie Yen). The terrified village artisan succeeds in defeating mens’ violent assault by blind luck. However, an investigating detective Xu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) comes to believe there is more to the case.  Continue reading

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Hidden treasures – Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

Way back in the eighties an American film critic called John Bloom came to the realisation that the critical vocabulary of the mainstream film critic was incompatible with the joys and virtues of the exploitation movie. Too much film criticism is mired in the conventions and expectations of literary criticism without recognizing that film is a vastly different medium to the printed word. Film critics who ape literary critics tend to focus on an intellectual analysis of narrative at the expense of an appreciation of the visual and visceral qualities that set cinema apart. To redress this imbalance Bloom created the persona of drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs, a boorish, sexist redneck with a fine appreciation for broads, supercharged muscle cars, and good honest exploitation movies. Ninja: Shadow of a Tear is exactly the sort of movie Briggs specialises in. Continue reading