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Underappreciated actors – Keanu Reeves

John Wick, finally released on UK screens, is being presented as a comeback film for Keanu Reeves. The decline of a film star from a name in letters 5 feet high outside a cinema to letters centimetres high on DVD cases in Asda is something you only really notice as you get older.

Sometimes the slow drift from being a name that can open a movie in cinemas, to a name that can persuade some foreign investors to back a cheesy DTV saga about, I dunno, Roman Legionnaires vs. Ninjas is nearly imperceptible.

One morning you just wake up and think ‘hey, didn’t John Cusack used to be a movie star?’ Now he can’t even get cast in Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

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Underappreciated actors

Underappreciated actors – Jennifer Jason Leigh

When I decided to resurrect this series of blogs which I began (and lazily failed to maintain) for I didn’t want to set up too many rules. I didn’t want to just feature obscure performers (partly because there are other more knowledgeable film bloggers and writers out there to shine a light into those darker corners). I didn’t just want to talk about character actors as I wanted to give respect to film stars as well where I felt there skills and qualities were taken for granted. I also didn’t want to do the thing that most list articles end up doing, which is to narrow the field down to a collection of the same old fan favourites. It is too early to tell if I will succeed in this, after all this in only the second entry (technically third, but I’ll run a revised version of my Keanu-nu-nu-love at a later date). Continue reading

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Underappreciated actors – James Woods

So another in another regular blog feature I give you the first in an ongoing series on the great under-appreciated actors of our time. I’m going to start with an easy one, the great Jimmy Woods who played the character from whom this blog gets it’s name.

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