DukeFest – Miss at your own peril!

I heartily endorse this, if you are in or around London during Dukefest try and make it to one of their events. Great bunch of reprobates.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club


On Sunday 28th June at Prince Charles Cinema we’ll press start on Dukefest 2015 – a year-long labour of love!

And as we are on the precipice of the exciting moment, I wanted to stand up and invite those who are still not committed:

Dukefest is an intense labour of love: it is hours of works, millions of email, thousands of movies, hundreds of debates – every single inch of this festival is born out of us – no corporate sponsors, no assistants, no helpers, no volunteers. But there’s one element without which it would not work: you!

This is a chance for you to come join us in what we think is the best and weirdest and strangest and shocking and entertaining material out there – to find out what other film clubs around the world have sent for Found Footage Worldwide, to discover New York’s best unknown cable talent…

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Evrim Ersoy’s Top Duke Discoveries Of 2014

Evrim Ersoy is one of the best scent hounds of hidden cinematic morsels that I know. All of these (apart from The Raid 2 which I’ve obviously seen and love) are now high on my must watch in 2015 list.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club

What better way to start the New Year than with a list of Top Duke Discoveries – these are pulled from across the entire watching spectrum – there are no rules, no limits, no release date limitations – these are simply my favourite films I saw this year all across 2014.

Whiplash: I don’t think there are enough words in the English language for me to be able to do justice to the experience of watching ‘Whiplash’ – it’s a kind of exhilaration, a constructive perfection that I have not seen for years. Anyone with any love for film should make sure to watch this on the biggest, loudest screen that they can catch it on.

Blind: The nuances of ‘Blind’ are mesmerizing – switching between fantasy and reality and carefully intertwining the stories of a blind woman trapped within her own head and…

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Kuokka77: Amiga (and C64) Music Optimized for Dolby Headphones

Hired Guns on the Amiga was one of my favourite video games ever, the music was especially good and still sounds ace!

Old School Game Blog

Amiga music for headphones (screenshot by Old School Game Blog) Amiga music for headphones (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Good evening,

Must of us love music and we listen to various songs and tunes every day. It often happens that we have to listen through our headphones, for example at work or at home, so that we don’t disturb others. This is where Mr. Kuokka77’s YouTube channel comes in as a great alternative.

Kuokka77 has done a wonderful job of optimizing a vast amount of Amiga music (also C64 and PC) for use with headphones. When I first tried to listen to one of the tunes with my headset, I was hooked at once – the sound was so much better than normal! If I use the PC I very often visit his channel and select video of Hired Guns (legendary Amiga game). Please have a look at it below (and please use headphones!):

Wasn’t it great? Brings back…

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