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Underappreciated actors – Keanu Reeves

John Wick, finally released on UK screens, is being presented as a comeback film for Keanu Reeves. The decline of a film star from a name in letters 5 feet high outside a cinema to letters centimetres high on DVD cases in Asda is something you only really notice as you get older.

Sometimes the slow drift from being a name that can open a movie in cinemas, to a name that can persuade some foreign investors to back a cheesy DTV saga about, I dunno, Roman Legionnaires vs. Ninjas is nearly imperceptible.

One morning you just wake up and think ‘hey, didn’t John Cusack used to be a movie star?’ Now he can’t even get cast in Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

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Adapting Philip K. Dick, the triumph of A Scanner Darkly

The writings and ideas of Philip K. Dick have had a profound impact on the development of science fiction as a film genre from the late nineteen seventies onwards. While many films have been adapted from his novels and short stories, and many more simply inspired by or influenced by Dick, really successful adaptations have been as elusive as the nature of reality is to a typical Dickian protagonist. Continue reading