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Review – Blue Ruin

Released in early 2014, Jeremy Saulnier’s second film Blue Ruin was a tight, suspenseful, violent, darkly humorous revenge thriller, and one of the best American independent films of the year.

The film’s very strong opening section is light on dialogue but heavy with detail introducing Dwight (Macon Blair) a homeless man living on a Delaware beach. The film invites us into a solitary world as he scavenges food from trash bags and bathes in empty beach homes (a detail that neatly establishes that he can both break into a house and escape from a tight spot, something that will be useful later). By withholding the information and exposition normally imparted in dialogue, Saulnier forces us to try and build a narrative of how this young man has come to drop out of society. We see that Dwight is resourceful, street smart and has a library of books stashed in his makeshift home. Continue reading