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Hidden treasures – Lake Mungo

Films fail to find their audience on release for a variety of reasons. There’s bad timing – the box office failure of the wonderful Tremors in 1990 is often ascribed to the film unfortunately being released in close proximity to a serious earthquake that hit California. There’s poor marketing, Disney has had a mare with this recently with terrible campaigns for both John Carter and The Lone Ranger (it should be noted that there are many excuses trotted out for flop movies too). There’s Harvey Weinstein and his predisposition to buy movies and then shelve them. Continue reading

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Scraping the barrel – The Tapes

In a regular feature dear reader, I shall be posting some vintage reviews of the very worst DTV dreck it has been my misfortune to see over the past few years. I shall kick off with The Tapes, which sadly isn’t even the worst British found footage horror film I’ve seen. Continue reading